Thursday, April 8, 2010

like a wilted tendril, i woke up in the morning. 'of new beginnings..'...that spirit felt withered. no longer could i see where i could take the next leap and grow.
wiping off the sweat on my brow, i went out to let the morning sun inspire me. but the clouds muffled its glory. it is sad to see the clouds trying to muffle the early morning sun. my garden slept in the dusty cloudy morning, letting life pass by unnoticed.
the curtains were opened, Night had definitely fled. it felt as if my heart had stopped along with the world, for a moment, as if to take rest.

i sat by the window, drank cold water, and stared at the skies, until a sparkly playful ray of the sun, crept in my eyes and made me see...

my wilted tendril was a past memory, look, here spring new leaves three.

it was only a part of me looking back at days gone by...
that little beam of light did my gloom flee!

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  1. i love hw u use hope and despair interchangeably in ur thought and writing..