Thursday, April 8, 2010

like a wilted tendril, i woke up in the morning. 'of new beginnings..'...that spirit felt withered. no longer could i see where i could take the next leap and grow.
wiping off the sweat on my brow, i went out to let the morning sun inspire me. but the clouds muffled its glory. it is sad to see the clouds trying to muffle the early morning sun. my garden slept in the dusty cloudy morning, letting life pass by unnoticed.
the curtains were opened, Night had definitely fled. it felt as if my heart had stopped along with the world, for a moment, as if to take rest.

i sat by the window, drank cold water, and stared at the skies, until a sparkly playful ray of the sun, crept in my eyes and made me see...

my wilted tendril was a past memory, look, here spring new leaves three.

it was only a part of me looking back at days gone by...
that little beam of light did my gloom flee!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my angel ...

he led me to dreams forgotten
whisked my dusty little ideas,
filled music in my songs and let them fly...

his tender strong hands opened my blindfold
springing life in my eyes, of poems untold.
the Day left her on her own
with the promise of return to tomorrow,

frozen tears in her longing eyes
fills my heart with sorrow,

Beautiful Night, let me comfort you in my eyes
sleep there, till the dawn of morrow...

the Gulmohar tree with leafless branches
blooms with a thousand tinkling stars
worry not lovely Night,
He has only gone to Mars!

you will run now to search for him
and lo! you will be gone when he comes looking for you tomorrow...

beautiful Night!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it rained today.

the morning was hot, humid and dusty. it wasn't much pleasure to be alive also. but i still breathed. thoughts rushed in. i tried to keep them out. but they kept knocking hard.

and then it rained...


Sunday, March 7, 2010

i have always wanted to write. then sometime last year i opened an account called 'swinging on colors', wrote one line or two and then dropped it off, unlike most of the things i do in life. it probably fell off because of my internet, i did not have broadband then, and i don't have much patience even today. but then i finally have broadband! so i have started exploring facebook, enjoying Farmville and reading quick comments on stuff that i post! there is so much to look at in facebook, people, their pictures, their a way, it's like seeing what a person sees himself as! facebook makes you sketch your character, the way you want people to see it. would it be horrible if it became a sort of escapism? never mind. it has not so far for me. also, it seems the kind of thing that will fade after a while (no offence facebook).

i am leaving college in a few days. and right when i am leaving, i found the most amusing things about myself hidden in corners of the library walls, my philosophy department, savera and even the main ground. the grand old banyan tree was always admired for its beauty. it spreads out its branches in an attempt to embrace the sky and still clings on to the soil with its evergrowing new roots. only a week back, varsha and i discovered the beauty of sitting on that tree! it is our tree. i have never enjoyed reading philosophy so much before, with the wind in my face, the sun hidden behind the green leaves of the tree and varsha sketching beside me, or admiring the leaves and the soil and the bark of the tree! she once said 'we are literally 'hanging' out here'.

i am going to miss being 21. i seem to have realized the limits of my abilities now. well, i am still 21, but there is some kind of change that i can feel, that i can almost touch. there is a huge world out there, churning beauty in chaos, and sadness in beauty. relationships have changed, words are revealing different dimensions of their meaning, i have changed, realizing the actuality of the things that i had read, heard of or thought about.

there is so much to write. i am glad i began today, been meaning to since quite some time.

hello world! once again.

i wish me happiness with the blog writing. :)


ps: although, why i want to write to the world, i do not know.